Error: ECID read failed when using


I’m tring using to flash jetson Nano, the command as following:
$ sudo ./
The output are as follows:
*** Checking ONLINE mode … OK.
*** Checking target board connection … 1 connections found.
*** Reading ECID … *** Error: ECID read failed.
Put the target board in RCM mode and retry.

I checked the, found it fail at “./bootloader/tegrarcm --uid”.
I have confirmed the target device is in RCM mode, because i can flash it by using, but always fail.

My Jetpack is 4.6, and L4T is R32.6.1.
And i have tried the script on Jetson NX and Jetson TX2 NX, all are the same result.

The quesion is what’s problem about


Have you tried rel-32.7.1 yet?

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Not yet, i would try it fast later.

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