error: expected an expression? Need help with CUDA compileing

Hi, I am trying to create a simple CUDA program and am using the matrix multiplication sdk example as a guide, for some reason even though I can’t see a difference between the code I keep getting the error expected an expression does anyone have any idea how to solve this?

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <string.h>

#include <math.h>

#include <cutil_inline.h>

#include <>

void run(int argc, char** argv);

void zero(float*, int);

extern "C"


main(int argc, char** argv)


	run(argc, argv);



run(int argc, char** argv)


	// allocate host memory for matrices A and B

	unsigned int sizeOfNetwork = W * H;

	unsigned int memSizeOfNetwork = sizeof(float) * sizeOfNetwork;

	float* nHost = (float*) malloc(memSizeOfNetwork);

	zero(nHost, sizeOfNetwork);

	// Allocate memory on device

	float* nDevice;

	cutilSafeCall(cudaMalloc((void**) &nDevice, memSizeOfNetwork));

	// copy host memory to device

	cutilSafeCall(cudaMemcpy(nDevice, nHost, memSizeOfNetwork,

							  cudaMemcpyHostToDevice) );

	unsigned int timer = 0;



	dim3 threads(BLOCK_SIZE, BLOCK_SIZE);

	dim3 grid(W / threads.x, H / threads.y);

	// kernel

	network<<< grid, threads >>>(nDevice, W);

	// Free memory




void zero(float* data, int size)


	for (int i = 0; i < size; ++i)

		data[i] = 0;

#define BLOCK_SIZE 16

#define H = 160

#define W = 160

#define S = 25600

__global__ void

network(float* N, float* w)



Ooops, figured it out I’d been putting #define H =