Error for bandwidth Test after install CUDA in Mac

I passed the deviceQuery test, but I got an error in bandwidth Test program.

[b][CUDA Bandwidth Test] - Starting…
Running on…

Device 0: GeForce GTX 660M
Quick Mode

CUDA error at code=2(cudaErrorMemoryAllocation) “cudaEventCreate(&start)”[/b]

I don’t how to solve this problem, and I was stuck here for a long time.
Hopefully you can give me some information about it and I am very appreciated about this. Thank you very much!

I had posted a similar problem here, but as to not clutter your thread up, I’ve removed the post and created its own separate thread (

Thank you for your reply~

Actually, I just try to run ./bandwidthTest again and it works out. I don’t know why it happens, but it just runs successfully.

Just in case someone else runs into it, a restart was all it took for OP to get it working. Sometimes the GPU gets stuck in a ‘borked’ state and a GPU reset (aka computer restart) makes everything work again.

Just running the command again eventually fixed it for me, i had to run it three times!!