Error in Programming guide example 2.3 ? texture example configured as element type and used as norm

I’m confused about the example given in the Programming guide 2.3 at bottom of page 30 illustrating use of textures.

The texture reference is declared as cudaReadModeElementType for floats. Looking at the kernel it seems the texture is normalized from 0 to 1.

The description given in at page 28 says that cudaReadModeElementType does no conversion.
BTW there is no documentation on tex2D in the reference document.

At page 31, the texture reference is configured for wrap, but in the documentation on addressMode says that wrap is only supported on normalized textures coordinates.

This is confusing because I would expect that the readMode should then be configured to Normalized.

Is this an error in the documentation or a confusion of myself ?

On page 31 there is the following code line: texRef.normalized = true;

The texture reference IS normalized. cudaReadModeElementType just means, that integers will be converted to floats (if you read somthing from texture).

The cudaChannelFormatDesc is specified as cudaChannelFormatKindFloat, so there is no need to convert the elements in the texture. Therefore the type

is cudaReadModeElementType.

Thank you. I missed that one. The texture section is a bit confusing because there are many parameters and I guess some combination can’t work and wouldn’t make sense.

A synoptic table showing the different parameters and value combinations with the resulting effect would be helpful.

For instance there are two places where normalization is specified. It is difficult to understand their respective scope and effect.