Error initializing setup deepstream 5 on jetson tx2 and xavier nx

I am trying to execute the pipeline that comes from test in the Deepstream 5 container, doing the following steps:

And i get this error.

( Sorry for the links, but the forum wouldn’t let me post if I didn’t do it this way )

Does anyone know how to fix it? Do I need an extra step? any configuration?
Currently I have Jetpack 4.4 installed, and the card I work with is a jetson tx2 and a jetson xavier NX (the same thing happens with both).

Greetings and thanks in advance.

Hi MaricalHS:

We see that the ERROR is:

No protocol specified
No EGL Display

This happens when a display is not connected and/or the X11 server is not running. Details on how to make sure X is running with proper DISPLAY variable is here:
in DeepStream FAQ -
under:“Q. How can I display graphical output remotely over VNC? How can I determine whether X11 is running?”

If you are running over SSH, to gain access to DISPLAY:
export DISPLAY=:0
xhost +