Error Jetson Nano deploying Neural Network: "No rule to make target "

I’m trying to deploy a neural network on my Jetson Nano Card. When I use the command “make -f -j4 all”
An error occur :

make: *** No rule to make target ‘/C/Users/lforz/OneDrive/Documents/trainednetwork119/codegen/lib/mytrainedNetworkFinalGPU/MWAvgPoolingLayer.cpp’, needed by ‘MWAvgPoolingLayer.o’. Stop.

Where does it come from ? How could I fix it ? Maybe the Matlab code is not well compiled… I exported it using a Static Library build type in the Matlab GPU Coder, the toolchain is NVCC for NVDIA.

Thank you for your help,



Do you try to compile a third-party source or library on the Nano?

Please noted that Nano is a Ubuntu-based ARM system.
The error is trying to find some binary in the Windows system.



I tried to compile the matlab code as a source code but the error is same…

Thank you.


Have you checked the following document?


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