Matlab on Jetson nano

Can I install Matlab on Jetson nano?

Hi Andy, I don’t believe MathWorks has a binary version of the full MATLAB studio available for ARM64 architecture.

However, they do have their MATLAB GPU Coder product available, which can be used to deploy MATLAB codes to Jetson.

When I use to install Matlab 2019b on Jetson nano,the condition is on this picture.

Is that the actual MATLAB you are trying to install, or GPU Coder? Actual MATLAB isn’t going to run on ARM64.

Note that I also found this in their documentation:

I noticed that you do have some of these mentioned characters in your path, so if you are trying to install GPU Coder, you may want to change your path.

MATLAB cannot be installed on the Jetson platform. You can use MATLAB Coder, Simulink Coder or GPU Coder to generate target code from your MATLAB or Simulink model and then move it over to the NVIDIA Jetson. We, at Concurrent Real-Time have a product, SIMulation Workbench which can easily target any of the Jeston platforms from MATLAB running on Windows or Linux. For additional information or for a discussion DM me.