error makes no sense

This is frustrating.

So I know you cannot reference textures across files in cuda without an “invalid texture reference”.
I got my application running perfectly on the development machine (vista + quadro fx 1700)

then out of the blue, running it on a vista laptop with a geforce 9650mGT gives me an “invalid texture reference” when I bind my texture.
what the hell?

I copied all the dependency dll’s to the other machine, whats going on.
If cuda is this unreliable across machines, its commercial viability will be garbage

Are you using the same driver version on each?

the nvidia display driver? I don’t think so

wait a second. Do you need to download this “cuda driver” thing on all machines you want to run the app on? If so I think that’s a little ridiculous, why wouldn’t cuda come with the display driver?

Why would the CUDA compiler package include the display driver? So yes, you do. You need a version at least as new as the associated CUDA compiler/toolkit version–180.xx or later if you’re using 2.1, 185.xx or later if you’re using 2.1, 177.xx or later if you’re using 2.0…

i agree the compiler shouldn’t give you the display driver. But IMO CUDA end-users shouldn’t have to download a second driver just for cuda

CUDA comes with the GeForce drivers, but you have to be sure to have a new enough GeForce driver for the CUDA release you are using.