Error: No PCIe DMA channels were identified while running on Nvidia Jetson Nano which is connected to XILINX Artix-7 A7 FPGA

Hi, I’m using Nvidia Jetson Nano(ARM64, Linux version 4.9.253-tegra) as a host to connect to a XILINX Artix-7 A7 FPGA via PCIE x4. I found the linux Xilinx XDMA driver(Xilinx_Answer_65444_Linux_Files, v0.45) on Internet. Tried to follow the usage on readme.txt, (1)Compile the module driver- success (2) Compile the provided example software in tests folder- success (3) load the driver - success (4) - failure

it fails executing by indicating “Error: No PCIe DMA channels were identified”(see ths snapshot as attached, the just do some read and write test via PCIE to Xilinx FPGA XDMA)
Does anyone know the root cause of it? (I’ve attached the driver packageXilinx_Answer_65444_Linux_Files.7z (492.6 KB)

P.S. It worked on Ubuntu of x86 PC (meaning can successfully pass the when XILINX Artix-7 A7 FPGA connected to x86 PC on Ubuntu)

That error looks like coming from the driver. Can you please share the output of ‘sudo lspci -vvvv’ before and after loading the driver?

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