Error Trying to use IMSL with PVF 11.1

I am trying to use a Bessel function in PVF using IMSL. I followed all the installation steps in the readme files and was getting the following error:

Error 1 unresolved external symbol s_bsj0 referenced in function MAIN ConsoleApp.obj
Error 2 1 unresolved externals C:…\Cylinder.exe

I then checked the forums and followed the solutions outlined in this thread:

When I tried validating and compiling the example program, I got the following errors in the command shell

pgf90-Fatal–tp x64 is not supported in this installation

pgf90-Fatal-CUDA version 3.1 is not available in this installation

I got the IMSL installer from a lab mate and asked him if the 64 bit version he gave me would work (on my 32 bit computer running Windows XP). He said it would be fine but now I’m thinking this might be the problem. I have my lab’s PIN tied to my account but for some reason, I cannot access any IMSL installation downloads. Can someone please help me?

Hi cesusr,

If you system is 32-bit, then you will need to install 32-bit IMSL. There are separate packages for each. Please contact how you can download IMSL.

Also your setup might not be correct as -tp x64 is for 64-bit. You may need to look at your property setup.