PGI IMSL Fortran Lib Workstation

I already bought PGI IMSL and PGI Fortran Workstation. The problem is, I still could not use IMSL Lib. Do I need to install another application? I already able to use pgfortran if Im not using IMSL lib.

You are limited to release 13.10 or older, with your purchase.

  1. What Windows version are you running?
  2. You are running command line fortran and not PVF.,
  3. Are you running 32-bit compilers or 64-bit compilers (win32 or win64)?
  4. Essentially you are saying

pgfortran -o test test.f90 -L"C:\path\to\imsl\libs" -lxxx -v

where ‘xxx’ represents the imsl libxxx.lib, fails.

Can you send the output of this to show the failure on some
small test.f90? Also send the test.f90. Send it to
if you wish to not use the UF.