PGI Visual Fortran and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Hello Again,

We think PGI so nice we bought it twice :)

I am trying to get PGI Visual Fortran installed on MS Visual Studio 2008. I am using the 7.1-6 release of PGI Visual Fortran. We have several successful PGI installs in Visual Studio 2005 using this PGI installer (pgivf-std-716.exe)

After installing MS Visual Studio 2008 using default options (NO customizations at all) as shown below

I attempt to install the PGI Visual Fortran and get this error:

My guess is that PGI Visual Fortran is looking for “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8” and NOT “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0” (which is the default).

Is there any way to override the PGI installer so that it accepts MS Visual Studio 2008?


Hi Phil,

PVF 7.1-6 only support Visual Studio 2005. It will not work with Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0. We will have support for 9.0 version in 7.2 version which is scheduled to be released in early May.

We have a PVF complete version which has Visual Studio 2005 IDE. You will need to register to get it.

Here is a link:



Thanks - we can wait for 7.2.

I must have misread the documentation. I thought MS Visual Studio 2005 was the minimum supported release.



We will look in the documentation. If you see anything incorrectly mentioned, please let us know so that we can fix it.


Hi Hongyon,

Yes, page 13 of the PVF Install notes may have misled me:

(URL is )

Prerequisites. If you are installing PGI Visual Fortran Standard Edition or
PGI Visual Fortran Server, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard > or
> must be installed on the system before you begin. There are no
prerequisites for PVF Workstation Complete.

The “or better” led me to believe that Studio 2008 was considered OK. Typically, subsequent releases are usually OK in the software world. I understand there may be exceptions, but if there are, they should be noted explicitly so that busy readers like myself notice them.

Thanks again for your efforts…your help is appreciated!