Fortran95 to PFI visual fortran

Hi every body,
I have a program written in visual fortran 95. In fortran 95 that is working fine. But I do not know why it doesn’t work in visual fortran 2008. I am new in using visual fortran 2008 and I do not know is there any changes in the new fortran’s statement? Should I change some statements in the old version of the program to make it work in the PGI visual fortran?
Thanks a lot.

Hi saeedeh,

The “2008” in PGI Visual Fortran (PVF) 2008 refers to Visual Studio 2008, not the yet to be approved Fortran 2008 standard. PVF supports the Fortran 95 standard as well as parts of Fortran 2003.

Is there a specific error you are encountering?

  • Mat