problem using PGI community Edition

hi everyone.
I’m new here.

I used to work with intel visual fortran , now i’m using PGI community edition, but there is a problem.

After installing intel visual fortran, in “new project” you can choose ‘fortran’ and new fortran projects will open.

but I cant find “fortran” project in visual studio ‘new project’ after installing PGI community!!

Is ‘PGI community’ accessible visually or i should compile my projects from cmd!!!


PGI Visual Fortran is not available in a community edition.
The command line compilers pgcc and pgfortran are available. It seems
confusing that the Visual Studio Community Edition is needed for the
command line compilers to work, but PVF does not work.

But that is the case.

Download and install pgice-174.exe and use the command windows to
compile your codes.