Problem installing Community PGI 1710 - C++ redstibutable

Installation of PGI community edition 1710 fails with the message “visual studio 2015 with visual C++ not found in your system”.
I have installed Visual Studio Community 2015 UPD 3, which includes 2015 C++. I tried also to install the 2015 C++ Redistributable Update 1 manually, but no success. Windows 10 SDK installed OK.

Running windows 10 Pro.

Any help with cleaning this up? What am I missing?

We require Windows users who want the Community Edition to install
the Visual Studio Community Edition with C++, prior to installing the
Windows Community Edition.

  1. We do not support Visual Studio running our Community Edition compilers, as is in our PVF Professional Edition product.

  2. Visual Studio has never run pgcc or pgc++, the PGI compilers.

  3. We need the royalty free Windows utils to provide the command
    only products pgfortran and pgcc. We do not currently have a C++
    compiler for windows.

  4. If you have download the Windows Visual Studio ‘express edition’,
    even the PVF Professional product will fail to install. You must remove any express editions before installing the PGI compilers on

So remove any express edition VS or C++ installs, and make sure you
download the 2015 VS Community Edition, and enable C++ in it.
Then our command line compilers pgfortran and pgcc will work.