Visual PGI comunity edition

I have installed PGI comunity edition along with VS2015 and Win 10SDK, still I see no integration with VS. Is this how it is supposed to be?


The Community Edition for Windows uses a different VS2015 than the
standard. The VS2015 shell delivered with the Professional PVF edition will also not work.

for how to install the VS 2015 Community Edition.

So the steps and their order are

  1. UNINSTALL any ‘express edition’ VS packages if present.
  2. install all Windows recommended updates BEFORE installing Win10 SDK, if not using Win10 version of Windows. This contains fixes that may be needed on
    older windows versions so Win10 SDK works.
  3. Install Win10 SDK.
  4. Install VS2015 Community Edition, to get the utils we need to
    provide a free Windows compiler.
  5. Install the PGI community edtion, that will give you pgfortran
    and pgcc and OpenACC support, in a command line compiler.

Note: PGI Community Edition needs VS2015 Community Edition
to complete the installation, but the result is NOT a fully integrated
VS2015 fortran compiler. What you get is a command line fortan and C compilers.



Dave, could you provide any example how to create a *.lib od *.dll with PGI CE (C compiler) that later on can be linked in Visual Studio 2015 application?

The switch to create DLLs in pgfortran/pgcc is


which will use the Microsoft Win10 SDK tools and utils to
create a DLL compatible with other DLLs.

First try creating a simple object file foo.obj and linking it with
Visual C++ in VS.

pgfortran -o foo foo.obj -acc -Mcuda -dryrun
will show you the libs needed to create the executable foo.
Add these libs, in the same order, to your VS build.
Keep the arguments passed to the libs simple, so you
can start clean.

Then try building a library foo.dll and linking that in VS.

Then try making the arguments passed closer to what you will be