PGI Community Edition 17.4

I’m new to PGI but not to Fortran or VS. I just upgraded to VS 2015 Community Edition and then installed PGI Community Edition 17.4. I was surprised to learn that , from the user’s viewpoint, there seems to be no connection between the two products. I’ve found no way to bring Fortran source code into VS for editing and compiling as I had exptected. Am I missing something or is VS just supplying some internal functional capability to the PGI code?


PGI Fortran, Community Edtion, for Windows, is currently limited
to command line compilers pgfortran, pgf77, and pgcc. There is no
PGI C++ for Windows, and there is no Community Edition for PGI Visual Fortran.

This is confusing because the 17.4 Windows version has you download
the Visual Studio Community Edition, in order to give you Windows libraries that are royalty free. The use of Visual Studio for PVF is a
contracted royalty based agreement with Microsoft.

So you are limited to the command line versions of 64-bit pgfortran, pgcc, pgf77, while pgdbg and pgprof still have GUIs. In order to build executables, the Windows headers and libs needed come from the community edition.