Integrate PVF 19.4 with Visual Studio Community 2017

Dear all,
I would like to integrate PGI 19.4 with Visual Studio Community 2017 15.9.13 to compile Fortran programs. Visual Studio Community 2017 was properly installed with the required components, as shown on the PGI website, prior to installing PGI. I downloaded the installation file pgiws64-194.exe and executed it. However, when I launch Visual Studio 2017 and then go to File>New>Project I do not see “PGI Visual Fortran” in left-hand pane of the New Project dialog. What can be done to rectify the problem>

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jat du Toit,

PVF only supports integration with VS 2015. Please see:

Also, please note that PVF has been deprecated and will be discontinued at the end of 2019.


Dear Mat

Thank you for the reply. If that is the case then PGI needs to update / correct the relevant webpage

Kind regards


Hi Jat,

The co-install requirements from that link are for the Windows command line compilers which is distinct from PVF.


Thanks for this comment - I had the same misunderstanding.