PGIC 17.4 failed integration with VS 2015


I have recently downloaded PGIC 17.4 in order to accelerate NWP models(written in Fortran) on GPU.
Installation process of PGIC went smooth, but unfortunately the integration with VS 2015 Professional failed completely.
VS 2015 new project facility does not contain any references to PGI Visual Fortran projects and only compilation from command line is supported.

I am using:

  1. Visual Studio 2015
  2. GeForce GTX 765M
  3. Windows 8
  4. CUDA 5.5

Thanks in advance

Only the command line compilers pgf90 and pgcc are
supported on Windows. PVF is not supported. VS Community Edition
installation provides the royalty free components necessary to
make the command line compilers work. But no PGI compilers
run from within Visual Studio Community Edition environment.

No clear decision yet for providing a PVF community edition.

So open the PGI command windows (DOS version or Bash-like version)
and run the compiler with OpenACC.