Using OpenACC with Visual Studio 2015 Community

Hi, I’ve followed the instructions on this page:

However I’m not sure what to do next?

Presumably I should be able to build and debug through VS, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

There must be some further instructions somewhere? Particularly regarding setting up the compiler in VS.


We do not currently support a “Community Edition” of PGI Visual Fortran.
We only offer the command line PGI Workstation for Windows, which
currently contains pgfortran and pgcc (but not pgc++).

In order to offer a free PGI WS, we needed to move from royalty based
Visual Studio shells (like our current PVF product), to free libs headers and linker available from Visual Studio Community Edition.

You are installing VS CE, but we are only using the free headers, libs, and linker
provided with the package, to make the PGI WS work as a Community Edition product.