PGI Community Edition 2016 (16.10)

I have downloaded Community version of 17.10. It works well.Thanks a lot. However, for some software packages, I need Community version of 16.10 (met the issue of builtin__pgi_isinfdd stuff). Is there any chance to have Community version of 16.10? I did not find it on the official web site. Thanks in advances.


The Community Edition is for users interested in our products for
future purchase. It is also for those who will not be purchasing, yet
want to develop codes using OpenACC, fortran, and C++.
We only supply those groups with our most recent community editions.

We would be interested in knowing what worked for you in a previous release, but does not work in the current release.

Users accessing our Community edition need to keep advancing the
CUDA versions they install, along with the PGI compiler versions.