PGI installation on MAC

The new PGI Community version doesn’t support MAC , where to get an old version?Thank you!

The Community Edition, currently 17.4, DOEs support the MAC/OS X
in every way except programming GPUs. OpenACC is limited to
ta=multicore, where the code is created for the CPU.


If I want to compile GPU programs on MAC, How to do? Thank you!

It is a difficult time for Macs and GPUs with Fortran/OpenACC.

You can develop OpenACC programs on the Mac, but running them on
GPUs is no longer supported on Macs.

If you have a PGI PIN, you have access to older PGI releases. The 16.10
release was the last release that supported OpenACC on GPUs on OS X.
It works, but any problems detected will not be fixed on OS X.

Community Edition users do not have access to older releases of the CE.

We have also dropped support for AMD GPUs, if you are thinking
you have access to an AMD GPU (which is often the case on OS X).

I can’t think of a worse situation for programming GPUs with OpenACC than AMD GPUs on OS X. If developing GPU programming
skills is the goal, it is like developing Mac programs on Linux.
Very difficult.