Where to download old PGI Community Edition

The current PGI Community Edition (17.10) comes with OpenMPI 2.x.
Where could I find those old PGI CE with openmpi 1.x, such as version 17.9 ~ 17.4 ?


Community Editions do not come out every month, like Professional Editions. 17.4 was the last Community Edition release.

We do not provide access to prior Community Editions, as we do for users with Professional Editions.


good policy to sell new graphic cards

Nope, nothing to do with selling graphics cards, rather it’s more about adding value to the Professional Edition.

The compilers are the same between the Community and Professional Editions, but you get an increased level of support for purchasing the Professional Edition including access to archived releases, intermediate point releases, and email support.

Information on purchasing the Professional Edition can be found at: https://www.pgroup.com/purchase/how-to-buy.htm

Hope this helps,