PGI Community Edition


I am working as a System Administrator in a dept called “Supercomputer Education and Research Center” in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

I would like to download recent version of PGI Community Edition (17.7). I have also downloaded version 16 for my academic institute and used by users for one year. As PGI community Edition is valid for one year. I would like to update it. But when I am trying to download 17.7 version, it gives the below error,

“No licenses are tied to the PGI user account”

What I have to do to download PGI Community Edition?

Vinod S
System Admin@109

The community edition comes out twice a year, with 17.4 and 17.10
this year. The professional edition comes out 8-10 times a year and
requires the user have purchased a license PIN, to have access to the
professional edition releases.