Installation of PGI community addition

Hello All
I am an absolute novice to PG Fortran. I have used Lahey and Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran over the past 30 years. I am not familiar with LINUX but could probably nut it out.

I have loaded Visual Studio Community edition the PGI Fortran Community edition on a system using Windows 10.

I note the Fortran manual indicates there is a front end for Windows but I cannot find same. Does PGI Fortran run in DOS command line only.

I am not familiar with BASH but I presume this is a front end for Linux.

How do I open my source code for complier. (My source code is written in F95 and compiles and links in Lahey)

Neither BASH or DOS recognise “-O source.f95” command

What an I doing wrong ?. In the alternative, what sould I be doing ?

Bill P

The Visual Studio Community Edition is necessary to download and
install BEFORE you install the PGI 17.10 Community Edition. You need also to install the Win10 SDK associated with Visual Studio 2015
(ie not the latest one). With these installed you can then install the
pgice-1710.exe by right clicking on it and “run as administrator”.

We use the royalty free components of VS Comm Ed to support the
PGI compilers on windows. However, Visual Studio does not work with
Fortran (we are looking into in the future).

So open the PGI command windows to run the command line compilers.

pgfortran -o outputfile.exe input.f90
should work in a PGI command window (in a normal command
window you need to set up the environment - I don’t recommend)

pgfortran -O2 file.f90 -c -o objectfile.obj

here we point out that “-O” means optimize, while “-o filename” means put the output into filename. -c means stop after compiling,
and don’t link.