pgCC and windows 10


I am trying to compile a simple .cpp file. I have installed PGI Community Edition 17.4 but it is not allowing me to compile the file. I get the message below.

pgCC-Warning-C++ compilation is not supported:

I have read around and believe that it should work?

Any advice greatly received!


PGI has dropped C++ support on Windows (I think since PGI 2016)
pgCC works only on Linux and macos.

Specifically, pgCC/pgcpp is no longer supported on Windows or Linux.
On Linux and OS X, pgc++ is a g++ compatible C++ compiler.

For now, the only C++ compiler on Windows we suggest is VC++.

We have customers who use VC++, and call OpenACC routines
that are written in C, and compiled with PGI compilers. This gives them
access to GPUs when they need them.


Thanks for the info. Can you unpack that last statement a bit…

I now have a file in Visual Studio 2015 - and I get a warning that the “pragma acc” is not recognised. I assume this is because I am using the ‘wrong’ compiler e.g. not the PGI compiler. If so how do I force Visual Studio to use PGI compiler?

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You create a library (not a dll) of OpenACC routines that are compiled with pgcc
with -acc set.

You then link the library and any PGI libraries needed in VC++.

A little more work with a DLL, but it can be done,

Start with a simple example, to get comfortable with the process.