how to compile c++ using pgi windows version

I have downloaded pgi windows version6.0.5.

when I compile a c++ file using the following command:
pgCC a.cpp
it replies: pgCC-Warning-Please use pgcpp for C++ source files: a.cpp.

so, I do
pgcpp a.cpp

this time it answers: pgcpp: command not found.

I am confused.

Would anyone like to help me? thanks a lot.

by the way , the a.cpp is very simple:

using namespace std;

int main()
cout<<“hello PGI \n”;
return 0;

Hi Qing Xiang,

Unfortunately, our C++ compiler is not supported on 32-bit Windows. It is available with the 64-bit Windows Beta Compilers (versions 6.0-3 and soon to be released 6.0-7).

  • Mat

thank you.