trial C++ for mac - where is the compiler?

I just downloaded the trial pgi workstation for Mac OS X, which the dropdown said includes C/C++/Fortran. I want to test the C++ compiler in version 11 for possibly upgrading. I got the file PGI-Workstation-110.dmg. It did seem to install properly. However I don’t see the C++ compiler. The readme says it is called pgCCV on a mac, but there is no such file in bin. Here are the pg* contents of /opt/pgi/osx86-64/11.0/bin

MB17 bin:ls pg*
pgappend pgcpuid pgf77rc pghpf pgprof
pgar pgdbg pgf90 pghpf1 pgprofrc
pgc pgdbgosxrc pgf901 pghpf1_ex pgroupd
pgc_ex pgdbgrc pgf902 pghpf2 pgsampt
pgcc pgdebug pgf90_ex pghpfrc pgserv
pgcollect pgdecode pgf90rc pgipa pgsmart
pgcolosx64rc pgdisasm pgf95 pgnvd64rc pgtjavarc
pgcpp pgevtofq pgfortran pgnvdosxrc pgtoolsrc
pgcpp1 pgexplain.xml pgftn_ex pgnvdrc pgtosxrc
pgcpp2 pgextract pgftnc pgoprun pgunzip
pgcpp2ex pgf77 pgftnrc pgprepro pgzip

Everything except C++ is there.

Hi gary_ferland,

It’s a typo in the INSTALL.txt file. The C++ compiler is named pgcpp on MacOSX. I’ll send in a report to get it fixed.