name of C++ compiler on os x case-insensitive filesystems?

does the pgi compiler suite for os x include the C++ compiler? if so, what is the name of the executable supposed to be? i’ve got version 13.10 and i’m looking in the pgi bin directory and i don’t see pgcpp or anything else that might be the name of the C++ compiler. pgcc and pgCC are unfortunately the same file since this drive was configured with the case-insensitive filesystem option.

thanks -

Hi Nancy,

Yes, a C++ compiler is included with our OSX Workstation and is named “pgcpp”. Why it’s not shown in your installation, I’m not sure. Can you double check? Maybe try reinstalling?

  • Mat

hi mat -

thanks for the reply.

i have the free version of the pgi compiler from supercomputing. is there something about that version which would make a difference?

i tried reinstalling it from the memory stick i got at the trade show at SC13, and i still don’t see pgcpp. then i downloaded the workstation product from the PGI website. while i don’t have a license to run any of it, i do see a bin/pgcpp executable now.


Hi Nancy,

My fault, I should have asked if you have the free edition. Your version includes Fortran and C, but not C++.

  • Mat

hi mat,

ah, that’s too bad. our code is fortran only, but we use netcdf and mpi. i’ve been able to build a netcdf lib (C and F90 interfaces) with this compiler, and i was trying to build openmpi. i just checked the docs and they require C++ to build (even if you disable the external C++ interfaces). i’ve got the intel compilers and the gnu suite on my machine, but i was hoping to be able to do some head-to-head comparisons of our code’s performance using PGI as well.

but thanks for the info.