pgc++ command not found

i am trying to configure my environment to compile C++ project with PGI Compiller (pgc++) on Win7x64bit.
So i download and install PGI Accelerator Workstation for win64 ( pgiws64-164.exe ).
And both consols PGIBash(64) and PGICmd(64) give me this error:

         PGI Workstation 16.4 (64)
         PGI$ pgc++
         bash: pgc++: command not found

Is it posible that pgc++ works only in Linux and do not available in Windows ?
Maybe you already have workaround for this case ?
Any help will be appreciated.


There has never been a pgc++ on Windows. What was there was
a previous product pgcpp which was renamed from pgCC because Windows
is case insensitive.

The pgcpp product has been discontinued on all of the PGI
products. We recommend Visual C++ as an alternative on Windows, since
there is only a PGI C compiler on Windows.


So am i understand this right ?
There is no way i can use PGI to compile C++ code on windows.
Only on UNIX system.
What do you mean by: “We recommend Visual C++ as an alternative on Windows” ?
I shell compile C++ code with PGI C Compiller ?

The only way I know of compiling C++ codes with PGI
compilers on Windows is to install the 15.10 or earlier release of the
PGI Windows Workstation.

However, the problem is that any problems you encounter with pgcpp
in 15.10 will not be fixed in a future release.