No HPC compiler for Windows?


I’ve read a post where it was mentioned, that HPC toolkit is coming for Windows sometimes this year.
The problem is, there are no old PGI community versions for download anywhere…
Is there really no way of getting a PGI compiler for Windows at this point in time, or am I just blind ?

I have even installed a dualboot Linux, and tried the HPC toolkit. I was absolutely blown away by the performance in combination with OpenACC offloading. The problem is that I need to build an Windows executable, but I can’t find any information how to do that or if it’s even possible.

Thanks for any kind of help!

If you had purchased a PGI Professional License, then you would have access to achieved releases, including PGI 19.10. However for the no-cost version, no, the Windows product is currently unavailable.

The Windows SDK undergoing a complete overhaul so is taking some time to develop. Last time I talked with our developers, they said they were still on track, but no details on the expected release date.


Depending on your willingness to jump through some hoops, you can use WSL on Windows 10 to run the linux tools on Windows which may be a way of getting to a similar end.

I don’t suppose the Linux version has cross-compiler for Windows, since I wanted to create an Windows executable :)
Also nevermind, went with SIMD instead, it’s even faster than OpenACC implementation.