PGC++ and Windows


It is my understanding that pgc++ is no longer supported for Windows in PGI version 17.4. My question is the following: how would one cross compile an OpenACC .cpp file on a Linux system into a Windows compatible .exe file ?

Thank you.

pgc++ is a g++ compatible product PGI introduced on Linux and OS X
a few years ago. It never ran on Windows.

pgcpp is an older C++ compiler that used to run on Linux, Windows, and OS X. pgcpp was never compatible with g++.

We dropped pgcpp from all platforms when we introduced pgc++.

To port an OpenACC C++ program from Linux to Windows (we do have customers who do this), all the OpenACC sections are put into C programs with OpenACC and compiled with pgcc and put in a library.

IN Visual C++. the C++ program calls the compiled OpenACC C entry points, and links in the precompiled pgcc OpenACC library.