Downloading the community version of the PGI compiler suite as of October 2020

Where and how can I download the community edition
of the PGI Compilers as of Oct. 2020. All I can find
so far are the professional versions which require
an account and PIN and PIN code, most of which should
not be required for free 1 year community edition, if such
still exists.

The PGI Compiler was rebranded to be the NVIDIA HPC Compiler and packaged as part of the NVIDIA HPC SDK ( The NVHPC SDK is available at no-cost (

Dear MatColgrove,
Once we’ve installed the NVHPC SDK, which is the equivalent tool for the former pgi community edition compiler?


The PGI compiler drivers are still there for compatibility (we didn’t want to break makefiles) so you can still use them. But you should consider transitioning to the new compiler drivers.

pgcc => nvc
pgc++ => nvc++
pgfortran and pgf90 => nvfortran


Many thanks.

When will the free version of the Nvidia software be available for Windows?

It is extremely poor service to remove the Community version of the PGI Fortran Compiler for Windows without having a replacement Nvidia version available immediately.

We’re working on the Windows ports of the compilers now and expect to ship sometime next year.