Which Version?

Okay, I am having huge difficulties figuring this out.

Which version am I supposed to download for Visual Fortran Education?

I have downloaded 7.2.5 and installed, but the license manager keeps telling me that I do not have a valid product (says 8.0 > 7.2). My license is for 7.2, but I can’t figure this out.

What’s going on?

Hi HolyGeneralK,

Can you please double check that you didn’t accidentally download the 8.0 PVF package? If so, we can either update your license to 8.0 or you’ll need to download the 7.2 package.


I think I have the same type of error.

I received a DVD copy of Visual Fortran for Education at the SC’08 conference in Austin.

It installed fine…it is version 8.

But when I registered the PIN and got the license file, the license file version is for 7.2.

I had to manually start my license server…but that is ok.

So when I start VS 2008 and create a new Fortran project, an error message box is displayed indicating that “8 > 7.2”.

Could someone please update my account so I can get an “8” license file?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Scherger
Asst. Prof. of Computer Science
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

Hi Mike,

We’re in the process of updating your account so you’ll be able to generate an 8.0 license key here shortly

  • Mat

I was able to download an older version from the archives, version 7.2, so I was able to get it to work earlier.

However, I have recently gotten a new laptop and am preparing to migrate my software over to it. However, I cannot migrate PGI Visual Fortran b/c I am locked to the original hostID.

Is there anyway I can submit the new hostID to an admin and get the following:

  1. Usage on the new machine (along with NO usage on the old machine…I’ve actually already uninstalled it)
  2. Upgrade to the latest version


Hi HolyGeneralK,

We have an FAQ on this (see https://www.pgroup.com/support/install.htm#change_license) but the basic method is to log into your account on the PGI website (https://www.pgroup.com/account/login.php) and follow the 'Create Permanent Keys" link from your account page. Next, select the product id number (PIN) of the license you wish to delete, and from the “Key Administration” page, then select the check box for the particular license you wish to delete (In your case there should only be one). Once deleted, select 'Create license key".

Note that all subsequent deletions need to be approved by the PGI Sales department but usually are able approve deletions within 1 business day.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the assitance. Unfortunately when I get to that page, I do not get the option of deleting my license key.

"The software license that you purchased does not include the ability to transfer the license key to another system. "

Would I need to contact the sales department to allow this to happen?

Hi HolyGeneralK,

Sorry for the misinformation, I was not aware of the extra restriction on the PVF Education Program license.

Please send a note to license@pgroup.com, including you PIN number, and customer service should be able to help.