License Download

I have recently downloaded PGI Visual Fortran 2008 (with VS Shell). When I try to download the license “PIN: 518576 PGI Visual Fortran Workstation for Windows, 1-pack, Academic License,” I receive the error “(KEY_EXISTS) Unable to download license file. No seats are available for the specified license.”

I will appreciate your help.

Hi Alireza,

Are your trying to install the compilers on a new system or are you re-installing the compilers on your current system?

If you’re reinstalling, then the previous license should still work so you don’t need to regenerate the license. If you’ve lost your license file, you can retrieve it by first logging into your PGI user account (the ‘My Account’ link in the upper right hand corner of this page), select the ‘Create permanent keys’ link followed by the link to the PIN number, and finally select the ‘Display License Key’ button and press ‘Continue’. Copy the displayed text into your license.dat file.

Hope this helps,

I’m actually installing it on a new machine. It is a different product than the one I had downloaded and installed previously. I didn’t receive an order confirmation for this new download either.

Hi Alireza,

US educational user’s are entitled to a single Free PVF product per PGI account. So the online system will reject requests from the same account to prevent duplicatation.

The license is also ‘node-locked’ meaning that it is only valid for a single system. In order to move to a new system, we must first delete the old license and then create a new one. It appears that you have also contacted PGI customer support and they have regenerated the license for you.

Best Regards,