error while compiling

the following error shown when i compile the program test.f

./pgf90 /home/bkbasu/test.f
pgf90-Info-RC file /usr/pgi/linux86/5.2/bin/.pgf90rc line 42: Include file
localrc not found
16:28:13 (pgroupd) OUT: “pgf90-linux86” bkbasu@server
16:28:13 (pgroupd) OUT: “pgf90-linux86” bkbasu@server
16:28:13 (pgroupd) IN: “pgf90-linux86” bkbasu@server
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpgc

what is this error pls reply me ASAP

sandeep gupta

You most likely had problem with installation and “makelocalrc” either failed to run or errored. From the bin directory, run “makelocalrc”. Please post any errors. What OS are you running?

  • Mat

i m using redhat linux 9.0 and i check that in bin directory there is no localrc file found what is the whole command makelocalrc to create localrc

sandeep gupta

makelocalrc -x <your install directory>