Error with using custom onnx model

Hello, I am trying to load a custom onnx model trained in azure custom vision using the jetson.inference library.

when I first used the line:

net = jetson.inference.detectNet(argv=["--model=jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/models/mymodel/model.onnx", "--labels=jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/models/mymodel/labels.txt", "--input-blob=input_0", "--output-cvg=scores", "output-bbox=boxes"

I received the error : Error 4 Internal error (network has dynamic or shape inputs, but no optimization profile has been defined)

i looked around these forums and found that i may need to reformat my model using this script found here

import onnx_graphsurgeon as gs
import onnx

batch = 1

graph = gs.import_onnx(onnx.load("model.onnx"))
for inp in graph.inputs:
    inp.shape[0] = batch
for out in graph.outputs:
    out.shape[0] = batch, "rebuilt.onnx")

but when trying to run the rebuilt model I get this error: Cannot find binding of given name: input_0.

what should i do?

thank you!

Hi @ecmay, if you look in the detectnet log, it will print out the names of the input/output layers:

[TRT]       binding 0
                -- index   0
                -- name    'Input'
                -- type    FP32
                -- in/out  INPUT
                -- # dims  3
                -- dim #0  3 (SPATIAL)
                -- dim #1  300 (SPATIAL)
                -- dim #2  300 (SPATIAL)
[TRT]       binding 1
                -- index   1
                -- name    'NMS'
                -- type    FP32
                -- in/out  OUTPUT
                -- # dims  3
                -- dim #0  1 (SPATIAL)
                -- dim #1  100 (SPATIAL)
                -- dim #2  7 (SPATIAL)
[TRT]       binding 2
                -- index   2
                -- name    'NMS_1'
                -- type    FP32
                -- in/out  OUTPUT
                -- # dims  3
                -- dim #0  1 (SPATIAL)
                -- dim #1  1 (SPATIAL)
                -- dim #2  1 (SPATIAL)

so you should be able to find their new names this way

jetson-inference doesn’t necessarily support arbitrary DNN architectures out of the box. You may have to adapt the pre/post-processing to match what your model expects:

Right now for ONNX detection models, it’s setup for ssd-mobilenet models that were trained with like in the Hello AI World tutorial.

thanks for the reply! Ill look into the logs now.

is using onnx models from azure custom vision best? they have different models I can export into, like tensorflow and some sub categories of tensorflow

I haven’t used the models from Azure before, and all the ONNX models that I have used have been from PyTorch. That’s not to say that they’re any better than models trained with TensorFlow, it just means that is how I have the pre/post-processing setup in jetson-inference.

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