Eth0 is not available on custom board


We are testing Xavier NX module.
Same module runs on dev kit board and custom board.
But eth0 is not working on custom board. And led is not turning on.

ifconfig(devkit).txt (1.7 KB)
ifconfig(custom).txt (1.0 KB)

dmesg(devkit).txt (65.5 KB)
dmesg(custom).txt (59.3 KB)

Please review the hardware. Since there is no way to change the PHY on Xavier NX, there is actually no software patch needed.

Actuaclly, we have more ethernet device via usb port.
I think It makes problem.
Eth0 works when ‘usb to ethernet port’ is disconnected.
It doesn’t work when ‘usb to ethernet port’ is connected.

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