EtherCAT on Jetson Orin Nano

I will order a Jetson Orin Nano, but I want to use EtherCAT for communication(signal transmission). First of all, does this device support the use of EtherCAT? If it supports it, can you share resources or information that will inform about it?

Do you know if ethercat works on a regular Ubuntu 18.04 desktop PC? Or any Linux PC? If so, then it might be able to tell what kernel feature it uses, plus any package that needs to be installed. As an example, without it running, after a fresh boot, check “lsmod”. Then, run “dmesg --follow”. Run ethercat on the PC, and watch for new messages in the log. What new messages appear? Also, check lsmod again. If a new module shows up, that’s pretty likely something you will need to configure on the Jetson.

Ethercat Master will run on standard ethernet hardware. EtherCat Slaves require special controller ASICs, and Jetsons don’t support this out of the box.

The TI Sitaras are much more suitable for Ethercat. They have special RISC cores (PRU) that can process EtherCat frames.

I need a device that can work with jetson devices, such as ethercat, which can transmit signals quickly. Since speed is important to me and I also do object detection with jetson devices, I need to do something like this.How do you think it can be done?Ethercat is quite fast, but will I be able to transmit signals with it while using the jetson orin nano? Can you help me?

I personally don’t know what hardware to use for this. Hopefully someone else has some suggestions.

Are you sure you actually mean EtherCat (which is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH) and not Ethernet (the generic network interface)? EtherCat is used in automation, and it is basically CanOpen over special Ethernet frames. Ethernet is the generic thing for TCP/IP.

You cannot use Jetsons as an EtherCat slave without very specialized hardware like this:

or this

or this
EtherCAT communication solutions.

You will need to license an EtherCat protocol stack.

Are you sure you really want EtherCat? Are you willing to buy the knowlegde and consultation services? Are you able to spend 5 or 6 figures in $$$ or €€€ for this?

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