Connect Jetson Nano to an Ubuntu Laptop

Is there a way to connect Jetson Nano to a Laptop running Ubuntu 18.04(desktop), possibly over ethernet? I’d like to transfer data b/w the systems and use the gpu in jetson using my laptop?

Hi rraj.rakshit,

Yes, there is also ubuntu system running on jetson nano, so it is possible to transfer data through ethernet.

I am not sure what is your expectation on using gpu. Please share your idea and we can tell whether it supports or not.


My lapton has a Raedon MX card which is not supported by ubuntu. Even if I could get it to work it wont run cuda.

I was wondering if I could establish a bridge b/w the nano and my laptop I would be able to use the on-board processing power of nano. Probably not very differnt than ssh onto nano but maybe get a faster interface than ssh that runs independent of internet connectivity or signal quality.

What I hope for this brdge to achive is

  • transmit data b/w my system and nano over ethernet
  • ssh into nano over ethernet
  • get a fast/speedy interface over terminal
  • maybe use gui and screen sharing over reminna

Thanks for the reply.

  • transmit data b/w my system and nano over ethernet -> Yes, it is possible. Just like sending data between 2 ubutnu host.
  • ssh into nano over ethernet -> Yes, it is a common way.
  • get a fast/speedy interface over terminal -> What is the “interface here”?
  • maybe use gui and screen sharing over reminna -> screen sharing using vnc is possible. Not sure about reminna.

How would you do it?

Ethernet and the tools to work with it are standard among all of the Linux systems, and mostly with other UNIX-like systems. The Nano won’t be any different, and anything you find on use of ethernet for Ubuntu (or just Linux) will apply.

There are many free documents, plus books on network programming, and for the most part, this is fairly simple unless you want to deal with special circumstances.

One tool which does nothing more than send data to a socket is “netcat” (often the “nc” command). On Ubuntu this seems to be provided by package “netcat-openbsd” (yet another UNIX-like system, OpenBSD). This is accessible through symbolic links via either “nc” or “netcat”. I highly recommend looking for short examples on transferring data via netcat if you need to do something as a stream, or to simply use scp if copying files. Here is one such example:

Would such a steup work if the nano was connected diectly to my laptop using an ethernet cable?

You would want to use a crossover cable, or a switch with regular cables, but yes, this would work. If you don’t use a router to assign addresses, then you’d either want to install a DHCP server on the host PC, or else assign a static address. Should you choose to connect the two through a router life is quite simple.

Assigning a static address isn’t too difficult on the Jetson, but for the laptop, if you were to statically assign an address, then you’d have to reconfigure it each time you wanted to go back to a router for address assignment. It is possible to “dual home” the ethernet on the host PC so it uses both a router address and also a static address, but it gets more complicated (I wouldn’t recommend it if you are not interested in the learning curve).

The learning curve is a required subject for credits :D :D
Thanks for the answer, that was very helpful!