Internet sharing with Laptop on Jetson Nano

I want to share my laptop internet with jetson nano via ethernet cable. Can you help me out how to do it?


Hello @sameedahmed734

First, change your ethernet connection’s method type at IPv4 setting from here:
Open terminal and type nm-connection-editor

In my setup the wired connection 2 is the public network side. The wired connection 1 is connected to my network switch. It also connected with our other Jetson devices.

Double click the sharing network (wired connection 1) and change the method as Shared to other computers then Save

Disable and enable the network then it should work.

Additionally, if you wanted to share in a specific IP address, you can add addresses into the “IPv4 Settings”


My host is my laptop… I have not connected ethernet cable directly with the internet modem… Tries your method also but still cannot have internet access on my jetson nano board… My laptop is connected with wifi

We also tried in laptop as your setup

Screenshot from 2021-06-10 12-22-00
As you can see that, we connected to Wi-Fi (wlp5s0). Then we connected ethernet cable between the laptop and Jetson Nano.

Screenshot from 2021-06-10 12-24-28
We typed nm-connection-editor in terminal and edited our ethernet connection’s method as Shared to other computers and saved it.

We opened Settings → Network, turned off and on the wired connection

To the Jetson side, we opened chromium browser to check the connection.

It worked

Hope it will work in your setup as well. Soon, we will share this with more details in our blog post.

Best Regards