Jetson nano 1:1 LAN connection with pc and then disable Jetson nano Ethernet

I’m currently communicating with my laptop and Jetson Nano on an Ethernet line (without a router).
However, about five minutes after the 1:1 connection, the Jetson network administrator couldn’t find the external network and automatically disconnected it.
This is probably due to my low Ubuntu knowledge.
It does not disconnect when the laptop connects to the Jetson Nano via the router.
At first, I pinged or connected to ssh to check the communication, but after a while, the jetpack disabled the Ethernet function. (It pops up because it disconnected.)

I did find a solution temporarily.
The local link only setting prevents disconnection in the middle, but the ip of the jetson changes every time you unplug the LAN cable or connect to another PC. (In the case of local link only, the static ip setting is disabled.)
But this doesn’t seem to be a fundamental solution.
It is very inefficient to check the ip by connecting the monitor and keyboard to the Jetson nano every time you connect it.

I carried out the following process.

Is there a solution to maintaining access?

If the Jetson or any other computer is set up to use a router (to have the address assigned by the router), then it will naturally change or retry to talk to the router. There is more than one way to set up a static IP address, but for example, you could use something like “nm-connection-editor” to do this. If you don’t have it, then “sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome” (which might be an adventure if networking is not already on). Don’t know for sure if that is the problem, but unless you’ve used some method to set up a static IP address, then I would expect failure more often than success.

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