Unreliable Ethernet and WiFi connections

I’ve been tinkering with my jetson nano since this March mainly to perform vision-based applications and I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that the Ethernet port has lost all reliability for data or SSH.
Upon bootup, the Ethernet port will work fine for a few minutes then will suddenly lose connection. I’ve noticed it will occasionally come back but the connection swiftly drops out again.
Because of this issue, I’ll ssh with WiFi but this also disconnects and reconnects quickly after. It’s annoying to deal with this issue as it makes remote login/ssh unreliable and slow.

My setup

I created a static IP address for the dev kit and have it connected straight to a switch.

  • I have confirmed the connected port is hot with data and I have swapped out functional ethernet cables.
  • Jetson nano is powered by a 5V 4A PS through the barrel connector.
  • AC8265 WiFi card has been functional for several months but I tend to rely on ethernet for the faster connection
  • Running latest JetPack and only additional software is ROS and Intel Realsense support drivers

What could be causing the issue?

Did you try any other test when this error happen?

I mean besides ssh, did you ever check the ping?
Is your board still able to ping the device when error happens?

How about other devices? Since network connection formed by at least two devices, sometimes it is the other side that gets broken, did you check that?

What if no static IP gets set? Would it still have such issue if the IP is dynamically assigned?

Please be aware that above are just for debug.

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Yes I pinged both the ethernet and wifi address. Upon bootup, ethernet pings normally then eventually I get a : Request timed out or host is unreachable.
Upon bootup, the wifi address doesn’t ping but eventually it does.

In my latest test, I had two terminal sessions ping the nano from my macbook. Both addresses lost connection after a few minutes of bootup. I ping the nano wifi address from my ipad and that worked out fine. After restarting the ping session on my macbook, the wifi address returns a ping.
The ethernet address however stays unreachable until some momentary blimp of life returns. I confirmed a ping with a win10 machine as well and jetson nano performed the same.
If I do ifconfig on the nano, the inet XXX line disappears completely from under the eth0. Only wlan0 has a inet address.

I have removed the static ip address and changed it to DHCP. After a reboot, the same thing happens. I have now noticed that pinging WIFI address also go down after ethernet address goes, it returns a short time after. On the Jetson nano, it shows that it’s still connected to wifi.

Should I have three “wired connections”?

I can turn on the disconnected wired connection but it will shortly disconnect.

Hello, any other ideas?

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue there?

Yes, no different and still the same behavior.

Does this issue only happen when ethernet and wifi are both enabled case or even ethernet alone could hit this?

Yes same behavior in either case. I lost patience with it and just flashed a new sd card. It appears to work as normal again with JP4.6. I’m glad it’s not a hardware issue but I hope it doesn’t creep back again.

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