Wifi very unstable on Jetson Nano

I am using a Jetbot that is based on a Jetson Nano.

I have an EDIMAX adapter for the wifi. When I first turn on my Jetson Nano, (with it placed right next to the wifi router) I can ping it from another computer, the ping is low (around 3ms) but with lots of oscillations (up to 600ms). I then run the command to disable the power save mode on wlan0 as suggested numerous times in other issues here, and the problem seems to be solved… for about 10 seconds. After this, I get Network Unreachable.

Does anyone has a fix for this issue? I have tried basically everything I’ve seen on this site and nothing helped

Thanks in advance.

If you get too close to the router it wont work due to too much power. Never try to operate any radio device very close to the reciever unless it is specificly designed for that application. A few feet away should work fine.

I’ve moved it and it made no difference. After a few seconds the connection just drops.

I blacklisted a driver for my adapter (Evimax). Now what happens is that the Wifi runs for a few seconds (running great) then stops running for a few seconds, then it comes back to normal. I don’t know what is causing the issue, and I haven’t seen anyone with a similar problem.

What’s the power supply of your device?

I am just using a power bank. I’ve run some tests; with another Jetson Nano that has a different image. (They were supposed to be the same). With the same hardware, in one of the jetsons the connection works and in the other one it doesn’t. I initially suspected a driver issue but both images have the same drivers. I will try to investigate it further and bring more information here once I have something. I reckon that with the information I’ve given it is impossible to resolve any issue.

Any further information can be provided?
Have you confirmed it’s defect HW problem?
If yes, you may try with RMA: Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer


I simply gave up on using the Jetson while connected to wifi. I was to progress by letting it plugged to a ethernet cable while running, but since eventually the project will need it to be on Wi-fi we will maybe look for some other board.

I think the issue can be closed.