Connection Unstable

I’m using a jetson nano 4GB with the image of ainano from dli course . My win11 laptop could connect to nano via usb to login with jupterlab . But the question is the unstable connection . My browser failed to server only after a seconds of my login . What’s more , it will reconnected after a random time(sometimes a few seconds , sometimes minutes). My friend’s laptop , which is also a win11 one , is normal in connection .

Hard to say if it is at the Jetson end or the Windows end…or the cable in-between if you are using USB instead of ethernet. How is it connected/cabled?

Regardless, on the Nano, if you can log in and monitor “dmesg --follow” while something happens, then it should provide information based on what logs show as the issue occurs (you could use serial console or local login).

Thank you for your suggestions . I would able to check on nano with display a few days later . The fact is , I was just following the step guided in course with micro USB line to connect to laptops , but my friend’s connection is correct while mine sometimes working and sometimes not(server disconnected in most time).

Can you try your Nano on your friend’s computer using his cable? And if his cable is stable, then use yours for the next step? Also, try with his power supply at first, then yours.

I’ve tried just now . My friend’s laptop is stable in the same cable and I had successfully run a camera test notebook in jupyter-lab on his laptop .

What I suspect to be the issue on the original computer is one of signal quality. RF signals are quite complicated, and 100% functional hardware, in different combinations, can in fact result in a failed signal just because of minor differences. In many such cases using a HUB as a kind of “signal buffer adapter” will fix the issue. It is quite possible that such a HUB would also need to be self-powered, but that is what I would try next if you want this to work with the original computer. Or use a different port on that same computer.

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