Window 10 wifi internet to Jetson nano

Hello All,

I am trying to connect Jetson Nano to Internet by doing the following :

I have my Windows 10 Laptop connected to Home network over Wifi.
I have connected ethernet cable from my laptop to Jetson Nano.

Then i did the necessary configuration in the windows .
Then i did some configuration on jetson nano too but could not connect to internet .

Does anybody knows how to do it.
Help me here

Thank you
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as it is unlikely that your desktop has DHCP server enabled by default, you might need to statically define ip addresses and subnet of both the ethernet[lan] of the desktop and of nano devices. In windows you will have to check the “share connection to other computers” at wifi settings, in my opinioon

I haven’t done it on windows in a while, but I think connection sharing automatically sets up a DHCP server on windows. There should be no configuration after that necessary on the Nano.

An alterative solution is two bridge the two intefaces on Windows (just select both in control panel, rigth click, and hit bridge). The nano will then use the router’s dhcp server and be accessable as if it were plugged into the switch.

My suggestion to fix is:

  1. go to “Network Interfaces” in Control panel.
  2. Undo any configuration you’ve done.
  3. select the wireless interface, and the wired.
  4. right click> bridge.
  5. now, on the nano, undo any configuration in /etc/network/interfaces or under /etc/network/interfaces.d/anyfileshere (or anywhhere else). If you’re unsure, reflash.
  6. The nano should now simply “just work” and i’ll be visible on your network as if it were connected wirelessly or plugged into your switch.

One thing to note… you’ll need a crossover ethernet cable if connected directly from Laptop to Nano. If you are using an ethernet switch or hub between Laptop and Nano, you do not need a crossover ethernet cable since the switch or hub does the conversion.

This used to be true, but I don’t think it is anymore so long as at least one of the interfaces auto-negotiates. The vast majority of network interfaces do nowadays. I have my nano directly plugged into an intel nuc with a standard cable and it works fine.