How to connect jetson nano to internet through Ethernet in a private network?

For my requirement, I have to connect jetson nano through Ethernet in a private network.

I have the IP address, netmask and gateway id.

But even after editing the ipv4 settings with the above details, my jetson is still not connecting to the Ethernet.

The simplest thing to do is to add a router to the network switch (or directly plug devices into the router), and let DHCP do the work. However, if everything is connected to a switch, and manual configuration of address and netmask is complete, it should work. Sometimes though, if WiFi is running (or attempting to run), it might give higher precedence to WiFi and disconnect wired even if it is configured correctly. What is your layout of devices, including router, switch, and other devices? Are they all statically configured? What is the ifconfig and route output?

I am in a big organisation, so I am connecting Jetson to their network.
So manual configuration is needed, I did the manual configuration by going into

Edit connection → Ethernet connection 1 → Ip v4 settings
Still, the internet does not work.

Wifi is not running, my jetson nano does not have any wifi capability.

And yes they are Statically configured if I am not wrong, the IT team gave all the following details:
IP address, netmask and gateway id.

Aha! Big company networks are almost always restricted by MAC address. I see no received bytes anywhere, and I think not seeing eth0 means you should try to configure it via DHCP and see what happens, but you’ll want to provide the MAC address to your IT people. If you go into setup for eth0 in nm-connection-editor, and look at the “Ethernet” tab, it has a “Device” field with the MAC address. Or verify from your IT people that the network is open without restriction and any device can get a DHCP address.

Hi I reinstalled the OS and it worked.
Not sure how though.

Now I want to connect to my jetson nano remotely any solution? (How to connect to jetson nano gui remotely from a different network?)

If you only need command line, and no GUI, just use ssh. If you need a GUI, then you should consider one of the virtual X servers (I don’t have a particular recommendation, but a remote desktop style GUI allows the GPU code to run on the Jetson and display to either the Jetson or the remote system).