SSH to Jetson Nano

I have a Jetson Nano. I am a new user, very little computer experience.

I have put the appropriate image onto my Nano (Episode 1 here: Jetson AI Courses and Certifications | NVIDIA Developer)

On Episode 2, I cannot reliably SSH with my Jetson. It either times out, or if I can connect, it disconnects after about 5 seconds. I am using a Micro-USB cable to do this. Please advise.

(Related question: my WiFi network also seems unstable. I don’t think WiFi is related to the SSH issue, but perhaps it is. Any thoughts on this?)

Thank you!

Please use host PC in Ubuntu 18.04. Or another way is to connect Jetson Nano to ethernet and you can login through online IP address.

Thank you for the response.

  1. My host PC is Windows 11. Are you suggesting that I get a Ubuntu virtual machine? Please elaborate.
  2. When using Ethernet, does that mean the Jetson’s ethernet is plugged into the router/modem? This is not desirable (because of where my router sits.) This is why the USB option is attractive.

Note 1: The instructions here (NVIDIA) tell me that a USB should work. Are we saying that NVIDIA no longer supports the USB option for headless?
Note 2: My issue is very similar to this thread: Coneection Problems. That thread recommends ethernet, but I’m hoping you have other suggestions.

Thank you!

We suggest use host PC in Linux. Please check the section in developer guide for preparing the setup for development. The requirement for host PC is

The host computer must run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS

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