Is there a way to connect me through ssh to the Jetson Nano without the HDMI and the micro USB?

When I power up the Jetson Nano and then wait for over a minute and try to ssh, it doesn’t let me connect to the Jetson Nano. ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

Edit: I have an usb wifi extender

Running Jetson nano (4GB) w/ image “jetson-nano-jp451-sd-card-image”. I first used a keyboard, mouse and monitor to set the system up; subsequently I have had no problem accessing the system with ‘ssh’.

Are you trying to set up without a keyboard, mouse and monitor? Or is this a post-setup question?

I’ve had already set it up, but whenever I boot it with only the usbc power supply and the usb wifi extender I can’t ssh it.

Ok, it was a dynamic IP problem, sorry, and thanks for your help.

Ah, good – glad you got it.

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