How do I ssh using micro-usb?

I just did a set up for jetson nano 2GB and is trying to connect to it via micro usb using putty(SHH) in I can’t do it says (network error:No route to host). So I have to connect using putty(serial).

How do I set it up so I can ssh using

sorry if I say things wrong, don’t understand what you are trying to say, or is unclear I am new to jetson nano and linux in general.

If your nano 2gb is correctly boot into linux (you can see the HDMI monitor has ubuntu desktop), then “generally” there would be a interface between your host and nano 2gb.

But there are also some cases that some hosts machine don’t support those interfaces. For such case, then it may not work.

how do I check if that is the case?

Please connect micro usb port on nano to your host.

Check lsusb and dmesg. Check the last few lines from dmesg and see if any error.

Found the error my device is not set up to accept other devices

the link to the tread that help solve my problem

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